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Lovelace Lottery
The Lovelace Lottery is a robust, decentralized Web3 lottery system built on the Cardano blockchain. It is "first of its kind" in several ways. It's the first ADA-powered lottery. It is the first verifiably random on-chain lottery protocol in the Cardano ecosystem. The winning numbers are selected via smart-contract functionality and the system is built to be self-sustaining for a long period of time. Since inception in November 2022, the Lovelace Lottery has done over 360,000 ADA in volume. 6% of each lottery pool is airdropped to holders of the Mask collection. This has totaled 21,000+ ADA rewarded thus far. The Lovelace Lottery is currently live with V2 which went live in June 2023. V2 introduced several upgrades and enhancements and took community feedback and suggestions into consideration. There are additional planned upgrades and cross-chain expansion plans on the horizon which you can read about in the project whitepaper.
Nucast is a pioneering video-streaming platform built on blockchain technology, offering true digital content ownership through NFTs. Join us at nucast and be part of a decentralized, fair, and innovative future for digital entertainment nucast is a blockchain-based video-streaming platform that introduces true digital content ownership and allows Creators to maintain better control over their content. The nucast mission is to challenge the traditional intermediaries-based model of content distribution which often limits the artistic freedom of content creators and restricts diversity of expression. nucast eliminates the need for a centralized intermediary and delivers a transparent and equitable system for everyone. Creators are empowered and in full control of their content, and Users can buy content knowing that they will actually own what they're paying for. The nucast model is beneficial for both Creators and Users and represents the dawn of a new era in content-distribution that is decentralized, fair, and sustainable.
Nucast Ticketing
Nucast Ticketing: A revolutionary platform changing the game of event access with nuDynamic Tickets. By leveraging the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Nucast Ticketing addresses challenges in the events sector, offering foolproof, real-time ticket status updates that combat traditional ticketing issues like fraud, scalping, and counterfeiting. Experience seamless ticketing transactions, enhanced security, and unprecedented event engagement – all with the authenticity and transparency of blockchain technology. Nucast ticketing is the official partner of cardano foundation for cardano summit 2023 community events for NFT ticketing along with NMKR.
ADA Connect (BETA)
A wallet-based communication protocol that allows NFT collectors to easily and quickly connect with each other. The protocol allows users to build customized profiles, to build networks of friends, and interact with other wallet-holders via direct messaging. ADAConnect is a one-stop-shop for users to connect and interact with each other without sharing personal data. Connectivity will be wallet-based with no requirement to sign up or share any personal information that could then be compromised or accessed by a third-party. Simply connect your wallet, customize your profile, and start browsing and communicating with fellow Cardano NFT holders.
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