The Age Of Masks
Beginning Of A New Era
Lovelace Club is a 3D Art & Development Agency focused on delivering a suite of high-quality blockchain-based products that enhance the Cardano ecosystem and offer a comprehensive Web3 experience for all. The project officially launched in October 2022, however development had begun several months prior and we'd completed initial development of two working products when we conducted our flagship NFT mint of "The Masks" Lovelace Club takes pride in building innovative solutions that aim to help drive the adoption of the Cardano blockchain. Holders of our NFTs enjoy ecosystem perks (which vary by collection) and each of our products provides opportunities for our NFT holders to participate in the ecosystem.
NFT Collections
Explore the Era of Mask NFTs
The Masks
are our flagship NFT collection. The collection was minted in October 2022 and consists of 4444 originally crafted 3D Masks that are rich in cultural and spiritual history. The Masks are broken into civilizations and the collection contains a variety of styles, including ancient tribal Masks and LED Masks. Holding Masks in your Cardano wallet entitles you to a range of perks, including a share of ADA from each lottery pool (Airdropped every time the lottery draws), Royalties share (if you hold 10 or more Masks), discounts on Nucast mints, and more!
The Golden Tickets
are our genesis NFT collection. The collection was airdropped to early community members and consists of 222 lucky pieces that have a unique set of benefits within the Lovelace Club ecosystem. Each Golden Ticket held in a Cardano wallet entitles you to free lottery tickets, royalties share, discounts on Nucast mints, and special, exclusive giveaways.
is our latest exclusive art and lore based NFT collection. The collection was airdropped to Golden Ticket holders and discord members with the "Time Traveller" role (1 of each Mask civilization entitles you to this role). Pleiades consists of 310 Mysterious 3D Masks that are accompanied by a vanity card which contains exciting and professionally written lore. The collection is purely art-based but holders enjoy discounts on Nucast mints, access to an exclusive discord section and there may be additional bonus utility added.
The team
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